Attention: Sales People...

Imagine getting more prospects saying 'YES' and immediately make more money!  Now you can and you will learn these how-to breakthrough sales secrets in just three hours!

For a limited-time, we are offering our Breakthrough Sales Secrets workshop for only $97 (a $197 value). This is being offered to you at this special introductory price as a way to introduce you to our unique breakthrough sales performance improvement company.

While our workshop will showcase our invaluable ability to help you improve your personal sales performance, understand the strategies and techniques you learn are proven to improve your sales performance - resulting in increased sales growth and income for you.

Know this comprehensive accelerated training and performance improvement workshop is critically designed for enhanced comprehension and retention, so you can immediately use what you learn.  You will find no fluff, just solid nuts 'n bolts you can use right away to take your sales results to the high-performance level you deserve. Through an interactive hands-on accelerated learning environment, you will gain insight and practical knowledge you can put to use right away. You will have fun, be energized, and interact with other sales professionals just like you. Just imagine walking away with extremely powerful insight that will help you look like a shining star (a sales pro that GETS RESULTS!).

Here are some of the key breakthrough secrets you will learn:

  • The secret to getting more prospects saying "YES"

  • A proven technique to reveal the objection behind the objection

  • A proven success formula guaranteed to have you building on a solid foundation

  • The 3 critical elements that affect your sales performance (this may totally surprise you)

  • How to avoid the 7 major mistakes sales people make, so you immediately make more money

  • 5 simple steps to developing into a high-performance sales professional

  • Understanding how to flip the internal "action" switch so you get your job done

  • Proven human development techniques that enhance your comprehension and retention

  • The secrets to achieving superb communication with every prospect (a very simple technique)

  • The #1 reason sales people fail and how you can avoid this pitfall

  • How to guarantee sales performance consistency (very few people know this)

  • Discover the inside secret to gaining a sales competitive advantage

  • A proven sales strategy that could double your sales results in 180 days or less

Learning these breakthrough secrets will not only help you gain control of your sales growth and income, but you will know how to save time, save money, increase your productivity, improve your overall sales results, and even become more efficient... I am sure you can see the big picture of what you will gain by attending this workshop.

Again, this workshop is being offered to you for only $97 for a limited-time... and seating is limited (up to 20 Sales People) to ensure an intimate accelerated learning experience. Do not delay, reserve your seat right now (just scroll to the bottom of this page and complete the registration form).

Now I realize that some people (maybe even you), may be still wondering, "Will this be worth my time?"  And I do realize sometimes, people may need just a little more information to make their decision. If that is you, then consider the following...

It's a FACT... The Economy is NO Excuse for Your Poor Sales Performance!

WARNING: You have a 90% chance of NEVER being able to improve your sales performance, or even get out of your sales slump, if you do NOT attend this breakthrough workshop! Read this page carefully!

As a sales person, you have an extremely important job that affects a lot of people. Did you know that there is no function with a bigger impact on the survival of your company than the sales function? The fact is, poor sales performance is the root cause of economic downturn, causing budgets to tighten, buyers to make slower buying decisions, as well as businesses to lay off workers and even close their doors. Without consistent, efficient, and effective sales performance, the company you work for will collapse.

The facts prove that when times get tough, the sales environment changes including budgets, purchasing policies, and even the competition - heavily impacting the way people sell. As a result, sales people (and even their managers) begin accepting the economy-related excuses and use the poor economy as their excuse for poor sales performance. And we see a chain reaction throughout the area causing an economic downturn. But let me ask you a serious question - Is a poor economy a good excuse for poor performance from sales people in your company? What about you... do you believe a poor economy is the culprit for your less than stellar sales results? Really think about it!

Now consider this - Maybe... just maybe... it isn't the economy that sucks so much as it is that sales people (even you) suck at selling in a poor economic climate... and it is costing BIG TIME in lost revenue for your company and income for you! Now before you go off half-cocked, stomping your feet, ticked off at me because I said you and other sales people suck at selling, let me explain a few things to put all of this in perspective.

One of the biggest mistakes sales people make is to start accepting the excuses (especially economy-related excuses). You see, when sales people start accepting economy-related excuses from their prospects and customers, they train these prospects and customers to believe that their excuses are ok. Those excuses then become the sales person's excuse for their own poor sales productivity. Unfortunately, when sales people start accepting these excuses, their managers accept the excuses, their entire company accept the excuses, and as a result, adopt the attitude of "it is ok to fail" (it is ok because the whole country is experiencing tough times).

This downward spiral effect can be very dangerous to the survival of any company, even yours. The truth is that many businesses, despite the tough market and excuses their customers tossed in front of them, they have continued to prosper and grow their company's sales and revenue. The sales people in these companies have prospered and grown because they have taken full responsibility for their sales success and have been accountable to get results, regardless of the economic factors that everyone else uses as an excuse.

Let's face the facts! The lack of personal responsibility and accountability is a major epidemic for sales people of all industries. As John Miller, author of QBQ! The Question Behind the Question says, "In today's business culture, the lack of personal responsibility is a problem that has resulted in an epidemic of blame, complaining, and procrastination." He further adds, "No organization can achieve its goals, compete in the marketplace, fulfill its vision, or develop people and teams without personal responsibility."

Realize that when you make the excuses of your prospects and customers your own, what you are really doing is buying into this crappy epidemic of blame, complaining, and procrastination. It is definitely a reality that the economy has changed, but so has the way successful sales people conduct business in this changing economic environment. The fact is that if you haven't changed and adapted to the current economic environment, you have seen a negative dramatic impact on your sales results -- it is stifling your growth and even nose-diving your productivity and the amount of money you make!

The facts prove the economy will adversely affect sales results, especially if you suck at selling in a changing economic environment. But the economy is only one of many factors affecting performance. And unless you identify and understand what is truly holding you back and how to specifically accelerate your success, you will never have the consistency, efficiency, or even the effectiveness of the high-performance sales results you deserve.

I am sure you will agree there is nothing more frustrating than not meeting sales performance expectations. Therefore, sales performance improvement is no longer an option, it’s a mandatory requirement for every sales person (including you), especially if you want to consistently earn top-dollar and survive in today’s economy.

The real truth reveals:

·          The sales function has a huge impact on the survival of ANY company.

·       Poor sales performance is the root cause of economic downturn, causing budgets to tighten, buyers to make slower buying decisions, as well as businesses to lay off workers and even close their doors.

·      Without consistent, efficient, and effective sales performance from the sales team, your company WILL collapse.

·      When times get tough, the sales environment changes and heavily impacts the way you sell and your effectiveness.

The biggest mistake you can make (and worst thing you can do for selling career) is to continue doing what you have always done and expect better results. The second biggest mistake you can make is to guess at what needs to be done to improve your sales performance (as statistics prove guessing wastes time, money, and frustrates everyone). Avoid these mistakes and never accept economy-related excuses as a good reason for poor sales performance! ç In our workshop, you will learn specifically how to do this effectively and efficiently!

The Good News for YOU is… You Can Attend Our Breakthrough Workshop and Discover the REAL Sales Secrets to Accelerated Your Sales Performance… You Will Even Learn How To Guarantee Results!

By attending this fun and interactive accelerated training workshop, you will learn the critical universal sales  fundamentals for accelerating your sales performance. You will know specifically how to identify what is truly holding you back and how to accelerate your sales success so you guarantee better overall results.

In just three-hours of hands-on instruction, you'll discover the time-tested proven secret strategies and techniques used by the most successful sales professionals... all presented in an easy to understand and simple to implement fashion so you can apply what you learn immediately (as you walk out the door).

You need to attend this workshop if you:

  • Are a sales person that is underperforming

  • Find yourself disappointed in your sales results

  • Are tired of giving excuses for poor sales performance

  • Want to shine like a star (and be a sales professional that gets results)

  • Want to improve performance by design rather than chance

  • Want to differentiate yourself from your competition

  • Are not achieving your goals and dreams

  • Have a difficulty producing positive results that meet expectations

  • Are just curious about what we have to say

  • Want to learn the "best practices" from other sales professionals

  • Feel your sales manager does not listen to you

  • Struggle to get the results from your sales efforts that you desire

  • Find yourself consistently in a sales slump

  • Can't seem to get people to buy from you

  • Have been a contributor to sales team turnover (by switch companies you sell for too often)

  • Don't know what truly is the culprit for your sales failure

  • Are tired of guessing at how to improve your own sales performance

  • Want a happy, productive, and high-performance sales career

No matter what industry you are in, or what your experience level is, when you attend this powerful "Breakthrough Sales Secrets" workshop, you will gain invaluable insight about how to quickly (almost instantly) improve your sales performance... and even guarantee results. In fact, this workshop is one of the most detail-rich accelerated sales training workshops you will ever attend.

We cover a lot of information during our three hours together. To ensure you walk away ready to implement your new knowledge, we incorporate accelerated hands-on exercises throughout our workshop, so you can practice your new skills. You can even get answers to questions that arise along the way.  Plus, you will learn how you can gain one-on-one pointers and guidance from our team of trained Sales Performance Improvement Consultants.

Believe me, I understand the struggles you're facing as a sales professional. Just a few years ago (1990), I was in your shoes (maybe even a worse situation). I was desperate to find the real nuts 'n bolts that could help me dramatically increase my sales but didn't want to be told what to do. I eventually grabbed the bull by the horns and went through painful trial and error, finally figuring out the real truth of what it takes to perform at a consistent level that others only dreamed about. Then I spent a number of years testing among the sales team I led to ensure true duplication and consistency of what I knew worked for me. It is now proven it works for others and it will work for you.

The great news is I now will share these breakthrough sales secrets with you. In this workshop, you will learn these secrets (the real truth) of how to accelerate your sales performance improvement in just three hours, not years like it took me. Plus, you will be able to walk away from this powerful detail-rich workshop knowing exactly how you can guarantee results month after month after month!

You will get a great value when you attend this workshop, including:

  • The breakthrough secret strategies and techniques you learn are 100% market-tested

  • These secrets will save you time, money, and effort (as well as frustration)

  • You will have a specific plan of action to follow (simple to adapt to your current sales position)

  • You virtually guarantee yourself success using these strategies and techniques

  • 30-page workbook and study guide (filled with tips you can use right away)

  • 3 hours of instruction from me (my one-on-one consulting fee is normally $200+ an hour)

  • Invaluable insight on accelerated sales performance improvement (real secrets)

By attending this detail-rich workshop, you will find no fluff, just solid nuts 'n bolts you can use right away to create the high-performance sales results you deserve. Through an interactive hands-on accelerated learning environment, you will gain insight and practical knowledge you can put to use right away. You will even have fun, be energized, and interact with other sales professionals just like you. You will even walk away with extremely powerful insight that will help you look like a shining star (a sales professional that GETS RESULTS!).

Seating is limited (up to 20 sales people), which allows a very personal hands-on learning experience and accelerates your comprehension of what is being taught throughout the workshop. If you just want to "sit back and observe" this workshop, don't register. You MUST be willing to learn and interactive participation is a major key to your accelerated learning experience. Come prepared to experience the power of accelerated learning and you will find the benefits you gain are worth far more than our special introductory tuition of $97. 

Now, you have a choice to make. You can either click away, leave our website, keep doing the things the way you have been doing them, and keep getting the same undesired results. Or, you can make the risk-free decision to sign-up for this workshop... so, do not delay, reserve your seat right now (just complete the registration form below).

I look forward to helping you accelerate your overall sales performance and results!


Jeff Zalewski
Success Coach

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